Sometimes in life you will not get what you want. But God knows everything, every single little detail of what is good for you and what’s not. And God will not give you something you can’t handle.

I’ve been through hard times. And it makes me learn that when you really love something, you will have faith. Whether it means you have to wait, you’ll get yourself hurt, or maybe even worse.

But, you know what? There must be something. There must be a reason for anything. You might ask “why did this happen to me?” or whatsoever. And when you begin to ask that question, it means the answer is almost near.

Bad things surely will come. But it doesn’t mean you have to throw all your good things, right? So don’t be so selfish. Come on, grow up! Get a life! Just remember, whenever you feel down, you just need a company.

I found sharing is really interesting. I mean, you can tell someone about your experiences so that they won’t take the wrong path you’ve taken, while you also get other’s experience and vice versa.

Everybody has problems, and you don’t know what they’ve been through. So do not ever underestimate someone. EVER! You’ve never walked on their shoes. You don’t know that they’ve been struggling to death to get their life back.

So can you just be grateful for what you have now, and for every little thing you’ve achieved? It’s not difficult, isn’t it?

Lucky me, I have a bunch of friends who really care for me. They’re not just saying “I’m your friend”, “you can count on me”, “I love you”, or something. They show me! They proved that they love me. And I know that they love me without saying that words.

And thanks, for everyone who has done something that hurts me. Seriously, I thank you for that. Because, you know what? Without you, I’ll never learn anything. And I will not have something to share. Right?

So, today is gonna be a Free-day Friday for me. Have a good one for you! 😀


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