#100DPS Day 32: Lovely Guy

There’s this lovely guy sitting right in front of me.
I don’t know who he is, just some other stranger.

He looks so worried. I’m sure there are so much thing running in his mind. His eyes are looking here and there.

I like how this guy looks. A typical skinny guy with deep eyes. Pointy nose and thin beard. I also like his black straight bold eyebrow and some moustace he’s got.

I can see his vein on his hand. It makes him looks like a strong guy. So funny that I think he’s interesting.

Then I know he’s about to go to the same place with me. But it’s like he doesn’t have a clue at all where he is going.

He asked something to the person in charge on the customer service table. But he still don’t get the clue.

I happened to know the answer that he’s looking for. So I simply tell him. And then he asks some more questions.

I think I gave him a quite clear answer because after that he gets back to his porch and sits calmly.

Well I still don’t know his name. But what I know is, he’s younger than me.

And he looks so lovely.


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