#100DPS Day 72: Why It Didn’t Work With My Last Ex-Boyfriend

I had a boyfriend around a year ago. He’s five years older than me. He’s a man with a job, and I was just a college girl.

We went out much, we meet so often, or I can say too often. We fought a lot, we argue and we made up.

There are some part of him I don’t really like, or maybe I really hate it.

He tried to make me living in schedule. While, in the other hand, it’s the thing I hate the most. I was so angry at that time. My rebel soul couldn’t accept it.

He wanted me to finish my thesis by the end of the month, he wanted me to do the chores on Friday, and whatsoever. I just couldn’t do as he said.

After a lot of fights with various reasons, we broke up.

A year has passed since I broke up with him. Now I’m a woman with a job.

Recently, I found something that my past-self would think that it’s ridiculous: life doesn’t work like social network graph picture. (why do I correlate with social network graph anyway?)

What I’m trying to say is, I can no longer live a life as whatever I wanted. I need a rythm. I (sadly) need to schedule my life. Or I can say, I need to have my life well-organized.

Because you can’t just live, or have a career path or chase your dream with a messy life. Unless you’re Messi. (ba-dum-tssss!)

Now I realize that to achieve something in life, discipline is a must. Whether it’s your dream, your career or anything else.

Now I understand why my ex-boyfriend taught me to make schedule for my daily life. I just didn’t understand his purpose back then.

Okay, it’s a mistake, and I gotta learn from it.

Ah, but remember, however we’re living a discipline life, it’s important to have free time for leisure. Or you’ll die from depression :p


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