100DPS Day 86: A No-Tech Weekend with A Tech-Savvy

Yep, just like the title, I spent my last weekend with my favourite tech-savvy guy. But, without connected to the internet.

Well, you’ll think that it’s riddiculous. But if you really know our daily activities where technology and internet connectivity becomes a primary need (but food is still number one!), spending time without them is a pure gold.

Though, we sneak a little to catch up with the news about Thomas Cup :p

So yesterday we were just wondering around in Bogor Botanical Garden.

Why Bogor?

Umm, actually it’s my idea. I’ve been wanting to go there for quite a long time. Because I run out of photo stock, of course. What else? Lol :p

We did stupid things together

. Like, a lot.

It’s such a pleasure to see an intelligent, brilliant being like him do silly things.

When we arrived at Bogor Botanical Garden, we were surprised by the crowds. Turns out it’s a national holiday. Ouch!

It was too crowd to take any good photo actually. So I only take few photos, and here they are:


Meet the happy couple, Cici and Daryl!

He looks happy, um nope, he’s laughing at himself. Cause at the previous photo, he looked like a sloth!


The tree of Gondor



Silhouette of him

We look tall!

Yay, I’m so happy!


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