#100DPS Day 87: Happiness Is Only Real When Shared

A week ago, me and a bunch of MBTI alumi in Jakarta made an initiative to hold an event. Since it is Ramadhan, we want to gather as many alumnis as possible.
But, instead of just having a regular meet up in a fancy cafe, we want to share the happy moment with other people. So, we arranged an iftar with the orphans.

Though, to make it true, we need a plan. So we build a small team and run a charity.

At first, I didn’t hope too much and didn’t expect big result since it’s our very first social movement. But the team encourage me and said that we will definitely beat it.

And turned out, what they said came true. We receive a lot of positive responses. Far beyond our expectations. We were so happy.

It didn’t mean we met no obstacles. But we all could manage it so well.

And when it was D-day, everything wasn’t as easy as we planned. A lot of things happened. But thankfully, it was a very great team so we backed up each other perfectly. The event ran smoothly and everybody was happy.

Especially the kids in the orphanage. They were sooo happy that day. And of course, it was such a pleasure to see them laughed out loud.

It was very amazing day. It was a collective work of our team and it wouldn’t come true without them. I am really thankful for every single person in the team and everyone who support us both morally and materially.

And look at these:

he’s like “wkwkwk”

she’s cute, right? 🙂

they’re like “nom nom nom”

they’re happy! 🙂

the girls :*

the boys :*

the girls (again)

All of US!

Remember, happiness is only real when shared 🙂

This post is dedicated to my great team and everyone who support this social movement 🙂