The Time I Start Gardening

Studies have shown that when people immerse themselves in a natural setting this can reduce stress, increase relaxation and improve recovery (Cooper Marcus and Barnes, 1999, Ulrich, 1999) – Growing Health

And also, having a private garden is important.

So at the end of the last year I started gardening.

It all began when my mom sat on my bed and saw a dry balcony of mine. She asked me why don’t I put some plants on it.

I always thought that I never have time to do it all. I perceive that the activity of gardening is kind of complicated and require a good amount of time.

But since my mom said so, I think “why don’t I give it a try?”

So I took some of my mom’s plants from her garden and put it on my balcony. Yes at first, it didn’t look so much different. But I felt that ‘strange excitement’.

And the next week, I ended up buying plenty of plants from the nursery with my mom. I was so happy. Soon when I got home, I started gardening again.

 It’s been one month since I started gardening. And my balcony went from like this:

Into like this:


In just one month, I have transformed my empty balcony into a mini private garden.

And yes, it really reduces my stress. Though I’m not sure if I have stress or not, but it makes me happier. Every morning when I wake up, I go to my garden and watering the plant before I have my fajr prayer.

Here are some photos of my kiddos:


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