New Year, New Atmosphere

I have spent the first two weekends of 2017 on one activity: re-decorating my room.

It’s all because I’ve spent too much time on Pinterest that it makes me want to do something with my room so bad. So for the last two months of 2016, I saved up my money to buy the materials I need to decorate my room.

My main concern were the floor and the wall. Previously, my daddy put a chessboard-patterned floor in my room. Which I really hate. It looked like this:

[Before] chessboard-patterned floor

Not only did I hate the pattern. But if you look closer, the black square has lined surface. Which is thicker than the white square, and obviously make it uneven. It is annoying.

The second is the wall. Since the other side of my room is directly exposed to open space, the wall has always been wet when it’s raining, and super dry when it’s hot outside.

As an impact, there’s so much mold on my wall. Which make it looks like a haunted house. And also, my wall had a mocca paint before. But since I change my floor with wooden pattern, the mocca color makes it feel hotter than it actually is. It looked like this:

Before: Molded wall
Before: the room

So after some hardwork and being broke (because I only have few of money to survive until payday), I’m so satisfied with my room right now. Here are the picture:

Hayo tebak kenapa disitu ada headlamp?

Fav spot! Anginnya kenceng juga ya

So that’s how my room look like right now. I still have some wishlist to complete, but I need to save up my money first hahaha.


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