I’ve always wanted to study overseas since I was still in junior high school. But the older I get, I’m more of searching about the reason ‘why should study overseas?’.

Now I have the reasons.

I gained interest in data science area since I was in my final year of college. And from that moment on, I decided to take a further path towards that field.

But unfortunately, there are no such institution in Indonesia which has a suitable curriculum related to data science. Especially for someone who has  no background in computer science like me (I have bachelor of management). That way, the only way to learn it is to go overseas.

I am fully aware that it might not be easy. Yet, I surely believe that it is going to be worth it.

But, along the way (which is not very far away from the start, actually), I meet some obstacles. One of them is not getting a green light from my mother to study overseas. Which for me, is a very important concern.

I’d try whatever it takes to get my mom’s blessing. Actually, she didn’t give me the permission because she’s worry about my health condition.

But I keep trying to convince her.

Until finally, she gives the green light.


Now I just have to do my best to make it happen.

Ya Allah, please grant my wish.

Please, I beg you.



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