#LearnSomethingNew: Introduction

After finishing my first hashtag project #100DPS, which I made to challenge myself to write more, I want to try a new hashtag project. It is called #LearnSomethingNew

In contrast to the previous hashtag project that only requires 100 post to finish, this one has no limitation. Which means I can use this hashtag as long as I can and as much as I want.

So, the objective of this hastag project is to challenge me to write a new stuff that I have learn. It can be anything ranging from a new word/term or even a new knowledge about history. Whatever it is, I will write it so that I will remember it longer.

I hope I’ll be consistent to post #LearnSomethingNew and, of course to learn something new 🙂

You should join too! XD

Can an Extrovert Become an Introvert?

Lately I’ve been feeling a little bit different about myself.

The girl I used to be was a girl who enjoy being with a lot of people, talk a lot, making jokes and everything. Also likes to hang out with a bunch of people. The very typical extrovert girl.

I got my energy by meeting a lot of people, talking to my friends and having such a busy day outside.

But, the girl I am now is a little bit different. Just a little bit. Now I prefer to spend my time at home, gardening and taking care of my beautiful plants. Reading books all day in bed. And if I were to choose between hanging out in saturday night with the gangs or sitting in a cafe with just a person, I’d choose the second.

I was afraid to watch a movie alone. I don’t know, I just can’t imagine the feeling of coming into the theatre and buy a ticket for one person. Like how could that be?

I never thought about going to a coffee shop alone and I couldn’t stand of people watching me sitting alone like a freak. But now? It doesn’t feel that bad.

Rejecting an invitation to go to parties also happens quite often recently. Being in a crowd makes me exhausted.

It feels a little bit weird and I started to think “am I shifting to become an introvert or what? Is that even possible?”

So I googled it and found this on Quora:

So the answer is yes.

However, in my case, I guess the change is only at behavioral level. I don’t think I really switch into an introvert. But yes, I do not enjoy doing some extrovert activities that I enjoy before.

Well, it is true about what Veronika Pooky said at quora that we become more mature, we learn more about life, and thus affects our attitudes over time.

Source: https://www.quora.com/Is-it-possible-that-Ive-changed-from-extrovert-to-introvert-during-my-lifetime